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Smile Zemi is a closed system, so your toddler won’t have get right of entry to to net distractions, video-sharing sites, or gaming apps. The device is safe, permitting your little one to remain centered on getting to know and giving you peace of mind.

This contemporary pill employs special technological know-how the place you can write whilst resting your hand on the screen, making stress-free writing possible. Your little learner no longer solely faucets the right solutions however outputs their wondering strategies with their handwriting, so they can deeply grasp new principles and skills.

*Above chart is primarily based on a survey we requested 291 dad and mom of young people Grades 1 to 5 residing in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles about the common month-to-month charge for Learning Centers and tutors.
*The Smile Zemi price suggests a month-to-month rate for a 12-month contract.

How Smile Zemi
Improves Learning

At two choose fundamental colleges in the U.S., adolescents usedSmile Zemi for eight weeks, and the consequences have been amazing! Both ELA and Math rankings accelerated dramatically.
Math: Grade two Average Gain +29pp, ELA: Grade three Average Gain +21pp