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What Is Signos?

Signos is the solely organization that combines a CGM with an AI-driven app to supply real-time glucose monitoring for superior fitness and weight management.

Signos interprets an individual’s metabolic indicators into well timed guidelines for eating, exercise, and higher health.

A white man carrying a non-stop glucose screen with a blue Signos game cowl on pinnacle on his left arm. His returned is dealing with the digital camera and he is seem to be at the Golden Gate Bridge.
How Does Signos Work?

As individuals start their Signos journeys, they log what they eat, permitting the Signos platform to examine every person’s glucose response to particular foods. Once calibrated, Signos makes use of that statistics to grant personalised vitamin suggestions, such as which ingredients are great for every member, when to devour them, and when to workout to deliver glucose stages again inside their most advantageous weight loss range.

We’re on a quest to handle the weight problems epidemic.

With almost 75% of the American populace obese or obese, Signos gives a new way for human beings to act on their body’s special response to what they consume to lose weight and kickstart a more healthy life.
Photo of Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, CEO of Signos.
Our Story
Glucose Is the Key

Sharam’s lifelong war with weight and health blended with a want to apprehend his physique introduced him to the notion that glucose ought to be the best biometric to track. He took Bill—who tracked his weight by spreadsheets—out for pizza and they got here up with the notion of developing a new, biodata-centric method to weight loss.

Science of Using CGMs for Weight Loss

Learn how the meals you eat, the way you exercise, your sleep quality, and your stress patterns have an effect on your blood sugar (glucose). Incorporate adjustments to your diet and way of life to preserve your glucose stable. Practice these new habits each and every day and gain higher health, weight loss, and more.

This is the Signos strategy to healthful weight loss.

Our unique-to-you application for weight loss is backed through a developing subject of scientific research—and greater research are coming out all the time.

What is glucose?

Glucose is carried to the cells via the bloodstream. Several hormones, which includes insulin, manipulate glucose tiers in the blood.
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How glucose can affect health

Glucose spikes—or a fast upward push in the quantity of glucose in the body—cause proportional insulin release. Glucose that isn’t used with the aid of undertaking receives saved for later use, every now and then as fat.
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How CGM use can enhance fitness outcomes

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Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) advantages prolong past revealing glucose numbers. Studies exhibit that CGM use can inspire conduct modifications that lead to weight loss, adherence to an exercising regimen, and multiplied nutrition.

How Signos Works

When you grow to be a Signos member, you’ll get 24/7 get entry to to the Signos app plus a non-stop glucose reveal (CGM). Signos teaches you how to apprehend and act on your glucose facts to grow to be the healthiest model of you.