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Indulge in our favored flavors with the Good Feels Mix Pack: the tangy Blood Orange, the tropical Pineapple Mango, and the clean Grapefruit. Enjoy this vegan-friendly, gluten-free, sugar-free, and calorie-free (AKA, absolutely guilt-free!) deal with for fast-acting THC outcomes that serves as the best alcohol choice (oh yeah, it’s hangover-free, too.)

You will get hold of three 6 packs, one of every flavor.

All flavors:

5mg THC / 1mg CBD per serving
Lightly Carbonated
Flavored with quintessential oils extracted from actual fruit
Carbon impartial manufacturing and delivery

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High flavored sips for a experience proper buzz
The experience true difference
Invigorate lifestyles Celebrate all of life’s exceptional or day-to-day moments with an invigorating increase to your temper – barring the hangover of alcohol!
Consciously devour Good Feels operates sustainably and ethically with truthful wages and is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).
A higher buzz Stay increased except smoking, and experience higher with our hangover-free, sugar-free and carlorie-free buzz.
All natural, improved Made with high great ingredients, experience fresh, active flavors and top rate THC for an all herbal experience, elevated.

A Good Feel way to Feel Good
Our cheers to the right existence with Good Feels.

The thinking in the back of Good Feels

Good Feels is the effect of having a dream to “leave the world a higher vicinity than I used to be born into”. Back in 2019, Good Feels’ founder, Jason Reposa, reclaimed his love for the hashish plant after experiencing his personal frequent aches and pains.

Today, thru Good Feels, Reposa strives to make a exchange now not simply by using supporting to increase spirits and stability fitness with all herbal redress (like Good Feels), however additionally via giving lower back to Mother Nature herself and the human beings as a collective.
Good tastes and even higher feels

An innovative, quality, and flavorful way to higher every sip of life.
The experience suitable distinction
We are a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
We function with a hundred percent renewable energy
Our series is vegan pleasant
Our facility is Carbon Neutral

Frequently requested questions
What is the potency of Good Feels seltzers?

Our seltzers comprise 5mg THC and 1mg CBD, imparting a balanced ride with a focal point on leisure besides overwhelming effects.
What flavors are available?

We provide three scrumptious flavors: Blood Orange, Grapefruit, and Pineapple Mango.
How rapidly do the results kick in?

You can experience the outcomes in as little as three minutes, with a gradual build-up over the subsequent 30-45 minutes. The feeling of sobriety returns about 1:30 to 2 hours later.
What are the ingredients? Are they herbal or organic?

Our seltzers are made with Organic Blue Agave and all-natural flavors, making sure a high-quality, natural experience.
Are there fitness advantages in contrast to different varieties of cannabis?

Our seltzers provide a smoke-free alternative, attractive to these who decide on ingesting to smoking.
Are the seltzers sugar-free or low in calories?

Yes, they comprise a minimal quantity of Organic Blue Agave, no longer ample to make contributions tremendous calories.
How ought to the seltzers be stored?

They do not require refrigeration however maintaining them bloodless ensures they’re geared up to drink.
Are your merchandise lab-tested?

Absolutely. You can locate our lab-tested Certificates of Analysis (COAs) on our website.
Is it appropriate for novices or these with low tolerance?

Yes, our seltzers are very beginner-friendly. We endorse beginning with half of a drink and assessing your remedy level.
How have to I dose for my needs?

Begin with 1/2 a drink and wait at least 15 minutes to gauge the effects. Adjust consumption responsibly.
Any medicinal drug interactions or contraindications?

Consult your physician earlier than eating if you have issues about remedy interactions.
Can I devour this in public?

This relies upon on your neighborhood laws. It’s exceptional to deal with it in a similar fashion to public alcohol consumption.
Can I order on line and do you ship to my location?

Yes, our merchandise are reachable for buy on our website, and we supply to many states throughout the U.S.
Are the seltzers gluten-free and vegan?

They are vegan-friendly. While gluten is no longer used in our products, they are produced in a facility that is not licensed gluten-free.
How does the fee evaluate to different hashish products?

Our pricing is comparable to alcoholic liquids instead than common hashish products. They are designed for a sessionable journey barring overwhelming effects.