Enjoy fresh produce year-round with more nutrients and zero pesticides. $100 off generation 2 and 3 devices

Better for You. Better for the Planet.

We, at Gardyn, trust it is pressing we rediscover what meals must be about: fresh, tasty, nutritious, without problems handy — and grown in a sustainable manner, each day. At Gardyn, we are reimagining the future of meals for the better, for everyone.


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As a younger adult, I lived in Provence, in the south of France. I nonetheless vividly consider the remarkable style of sparkling produce. It used to be handy to locate in small markets, harvested simply a few hours before, and that made it so great.
Today’s meals paradigm is on the incorrect track. Course-correction is a tall order.

This actuality of my childhood is turning into increasingly rare and mom nature is paying a excessive price. Each day, pesticides and herbicides are dumped on the plants we’re going to eat. Produce is harvested a number of weeks earlier than it’s ripe and flown or trucked over lengthy distances, making it almost not possible to get certainly sparkling and nutritious foods. The outcome? Our collective fitness is declining; prerequisites such as weight problems and cardiovascular ailments have come to be prevalent. One loss of life out of 5 in the world is due to negative diet (and now not the lack of calories!). The ecosystem is struggling badly as well. It is now not too late to path right and reimagine the future of food, the one we are longing for. However, it requires us to rethink how we develop and supply our food.
Gardyn’s applied sciences provide the probability to reimagine the future of food

Three technological breakthroughs are guiding our revolution. First, thanks to the growing high-quality of lower priced LED lights, we can grant flowers with the best mild they want all day in any kind of location. Second, the modern hybriponic improvements developed by means of Gardyn alongside with researchers at McGill University enable us to develop plant life vertically except soil, and subsequently absolutely alternate the scale and quantity at which we can develop produce. Third, desktop imaginative and prescient and synthetic talent make it feasible to have the great “gardener” tending our vegetation 24 hours a day.

At Gardyn, we are pushing these improvements to the subsequent level. We are making it feasible for all of us to experience indoor vertical gardens that take care of themselves and furnish for massive portions of amazingly tasty and nutritious produce. Large portions of meals develop all yr spherical on a very small footprint (2 rectangular feet), and trouble free! Crazy busy present day lives can ring with health, nature, and harmony.
Everyone Deserves to Grow Healthy
This is simply the commencing of a revolution in the way we furnish effortless get entry to to wholesome meals and a extra harmonious lifestyle. This is now not simply for the better-off, however additionally to help healthful children and mother and father in underprivileged communities, areas that have grow to be meals deserts or these the place developing sparkling produce is beyond reach. Imagine a world the place cities host giant dispensed farming networks, a world the place each and every region (whether your home, an office, a restaurant, or any different public space) has the practicable to develop finest produce in the most environment friendly way. Gardyn represents an possibility to reintroduce nature in city habitats, to make our cities extra sustainable and autonomous, to quit destructive the environment, and to rediscover the which means of fresh, nutritious and scrumptious meals for all of us each and every day. Gardyn is decidedly putting a excessive bar; we are devoted to growing progressive options that will form the future of food. The surroundings and our well-being are at stake. Grow Healthy, Live Tasty!

Fresh, nutritious meals is necessary for human fitness and well-being. At Gardyn, it’s our mission to make it as available and sustainable as possible. For nowadays and for the future.
“Never doubt that a small team of thoughtful, committed, residents can exchange the world. Indeed, it is the solely element that ever has.” – Margaret Mead​

Do you recognize of an corporation that is on a mission to assist human beings have get admission to to healthful meals or any individual you admire for selflessly supporting others?

We’re giving Gardyn Home units to philanthropic businesses and human beings working to supply a hand up, responding to the wishes of their communities.

We favor to share this chance to make nutritious meals greater accessible, make our communities greater sustainable and autonomous, quit adverse the environment, and rediscover the that means of fresh, nutritious and scrumptious food.

Everyone must have get right of entry to to wholesome food, no rely the place you stay or what your finances can handle. At Gardyn, we’re on a mission to make residing healthful a truth for all – one lettuce leaf at a time – till it leads to sustainable change.

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At Gardyn, we believe:
We want to reimagine the modern-day meals paradigm
Food must now not be optimized for manufacturing or a provide chain. Instead, it ought to be cultivated for its unique intention: to feed your physique and soul, to be nutritious and tasty, and to be simply reachable to share with household and friends.
Producing meals mustn’t have a terrible have an impact on on our planet
Let’s develop produce regionally with no pesticides, the use of 95% much less water and no carbon emissions ensuing from delivery produce from a ways away.
Technology is fine when it serves people
Cutting area science need to be used to tackle some of the most urgent problems we are confronted with: public health, local weather change, meals deserts, get right of entry to to education, and beyond.
Everyone have to have get entry to to nutritious food
Inequalities in the get admission to to nice meals are nonetheless blatant. We desire the Gardyn technological know-how to be phase of fixing these problems and provide all people get entry to to healthful food.