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We additionally consider in effortless and delicious. With Pure Inventions herbal water flavoring and wellbeing formulas, staying hydrated, discovering balance, and feeling your excellent are usually simply a few drops away.

Why Once You Drop In, You’ll Never Drop Out.

Our drops make everyday water higher by way of reworking undeniable water into well being drinks that are scrumptious and help a wholesome lifestyle. Because they style so good, Pure Inventions drops assist you drink greater water, preserving you hydrated with naturally taking place electrolytes alongside with the antioxidants and key vitamins your physique craves. Each preferred 2oz. bottle makes up to 60 liquids (12-16 oz) and are free of sugar, calories, and synthetic sweeteners. Powered by means of nature, these refreshingly-flavored drops are effortless to use with element manipulate packaging that places you in manipulate of the depth of the flavor.
Pure Wellness

pureinventions.com 20% OFF All Products Use This Promo Code

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Power up your water with vitamins and antioxidants that stability the physique to assist wellness, and hydration.

Pure Value

Get up to 30-60+ servings per bottle. Costs way much less than a sugary drink or unhealthy junk-a-chino. Bundle and retailer even more.

Pure Taste

Available in top notch tasting flavors, it’s additionally effortless and handy to create your personal wildly scrumptious and splendidly wholesome mocktails and teas.

Raspberries, lemons, and blueberries
Our Promise: Be Pure In Our Inventions And In Our Intentions.

Pure Inventions was once situated in 2003 via us – Lynne and Lori. We’re two lifelong pals who each grew to become Certified Clinical Nutritionists and product developers.

We consider in the restoration electricity of nature. It’s how we stay our very own lives, and we promised ourselves, and now promise you, that we started out Pure Inventions with one major cause – to assist absolutely everyone make well being beverage options that are healthier, style extraordinary and are nearer to nature. We’re right here to make it easy, convenient, and, yes, inexpensive for you to gain from nature’s balance.

This has been our intention from day one. We promise it will in no way change.
Weight Watchers
Proud to be a WW accomplice in aiding hydration and wellness.
Choose Your Pure Benefits

Ready to create a scrumptious day by day water events that’s phase of a nutrient-rich well-being program? Explore some of the advantages you’ll revel in with Pure Inventions.

I prefer to

All-Day hydration infused with naturally happening electrolytes is extraordinary for the physique and the extremely good style helps you drink extra water.

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Immunity Support

Support your wholesome immune machine with formulation offering a power-packed enhance of antioxidants.

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Beauty & Skin

Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and different skin-loving components assist texture, tone, and typical fitness for glowing skin.

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Calm & Sleep

Natural substances proven to minimize stress and nervousness convey an internal peace that feels as renewing as a deep breath, whilst our sleep components supports a restful night time of Zzzs.

Testimonials and Reviews

See what our clients have to say about our products.
Woman the usage of Pure Inventions drops

Melissa Meyers is the founder of the women’s way of life weblog The Glow Girl. Sharing her beauty, style, and well being secrets, Melissa empowers female to be the first-class model of themselves, age gracefully, and preserve a youthful glow from the internal out. She in my view checks an array of merchandise and offerings the use of a relatively selective curation process, supporting female to make the most knowledgeable patron decisions. The Glow Girl, Melissa has spent over 15 years sharing precious tips, tricks, and product options from the great pores and skin care, well-being and splendor merchandise Melissa has seemed as a life-style specialist and contributor for NBC’s Today and Weekend Today in New York, New York Live, Better.TV, Fox’s Good Day New York and others. She has been featured in People, People StyleWatch, Hamptons Magazine, and many different on line publications.

“I used to be at the Ritz Carlton spa in Aspen quite a few years in the past the place they had a range of these naturally flavored extracts to add to your water that aid your immune gadget and over all well-being. Since I am continually searching for methods to eat greater water, this was once a best healthy due to the fact they tasted exceptional and furnished different fitness benefits. There are so many types to pick from which include inexperienced tea extracts, fruit extracts and extra however my new preferred are the coconut water chocolate infusion drops. The style is refined however it’s simply ample to make consuming water scrumptious plus these drops are free of sugar, calories, gluten, caffeine, synthetic colours and sweeteners!”

– Melissa Meyers

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to our most regularly requested questions!

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Why is hydration so important?

Drinking ample water every day is integral for many reasons: to alter physique temperature, maintain joints lubricated, stop infections, supply vitamins to cells and preserve organs functioning properly.

Being well-hydrated additionally improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. Experts propose ingesting roughly eleven cups of water per day for the common female and sixteen for men.
How lengthy have these merchandise been on the market and the place can I locate them?

Pure Inventions drops have been on the market due to the fact 2003. In addition to our on line store, they are and served in over 2,000 pinnacle spas, vacation spot inns and wellbeing centers.
Where are these merchandise manufactured?

Pure Inventions drops are manufactured proper right here in the USA and our merchandise consist of cautiously sourced, imported ingredients.
What is the advantage of liquid dietary supplements vs. pills?

Our our bodies solely take in somewhere from 3% to 20% of the nutritional vitamins in a nutrition pill. In contrast, our our bodies soak up about 98% of the nutritional vitamins and minerals contained in liquid form. Liquid nutritional vitamins ignore digestive processing and go immediately into our bloodstream inside minutes making liquid a extra bio-available shape of delivery.
How many energy and carbohydrates are in Pure Inventions products?

None! Pure Inventions merchandise are free of calories, carbohydrates, sugar and synthetic sweeteners. Our extracts are additionally free of alcohol, caffeine, fats and gluten.
Do the merchandise require refrigeration or any exclusive handling?

No refrigeration is wished for your Pure Inventions drops: Just hold out of direct daylight and severe warmth (like a glove compartment or trunk of your car.) Shake as advocated earlier than using.
I am taking medicinal drug – can I use these products?

Since these are dietary supplements, it is fantastic to seek advice from your healthcare expert if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication.
Are these merchandise secure for teens and the elderly?

Our merchandise create scrumptious and protected water options, turning in antioxidants and different really helpful ingredients. As these merchandise are dietary supplements, it would be the selection of the mother or father for a child’s use.

Our merchandise provide a wholesome alternative for all ages. With diabetic fantastic sweeteners and scrumptious herbal flavors, water turns into simpler to drink! This is beneficial for all age and non-public fitness troubles groups.
What is your return policy?

Only product bought with a damaged or lacking seal will be changed by way of manufacturer. No different returns will be accepted.
How is the product line manufactured?

Pure Inventions’ products are made of the best exceptional useful components and all merchandise are manufactured in the USA in a GMP NSF licensed facility. Each product undergoes rigorous checking out to guarantee the pleasant high-quality product.
What are antioxidants and why do we want them?

Antioxidants assist to guard our wholesome cells and combat free radical injury that is triggered with the aid of day-to-day stress, aging, pollution, exercising and chemical substances in our meals and environment. They play a key position in your immune machine help and combat free radical damage.
If there is no sugar or synthetic sweeteners, what makes these merchandise style sweet?

Pure Inventions makes use of low glycemic, zero calories, all herbal sweeteners (Lohan Fruit & Stevia leaf.)
What if you have an aftertaste from stevia?

Just add a little squeeze of sparkling citrus (lemon, lime, orange, etc.) to remove the aftertaste. This works one hundred percent for most people.
Do the merchandise incorporate any caffeine?

No. Pure Inventions extracts are naturally decaffeinated thru a CO2 and water filtration process. The caffeine that is naturally taking place in inexperienced tea is now not removed, however as a substitute left behind.

In different words, in the brewing technique we are solely searching for the really helpful polyphenols (EGCG, catechins etc) – it is the polyphenols that are being extracted thru the system (this is the phase we keep). The caffeine is left behind.
How many drinks can I make with every bottle?

The 1oz bottles will make 30 liquids and the 2oz bottles make 60 beverages. You can add extra or much less drops to make to your personal taste.
Do I have to use the dosage that is prescribed when making my beverages?

No, the dosages indicated are guidelines. Our drops make scrumptious health drinks so you make and eat precisely how you like.

Some like it slight and some like it bold, in nonetheless water, glowing water or hot. The exception is our area of expertise solutions: When taking Night (sleep support) Tranquility Vanilla (stress support) and Pure Beauty (skin Support) you have to use the dosage as prescribed, however hold in idea every of our our bodies are different.
Can I use extra than one product at one time to make my beverages?

Yes! Experiment via combining any of the products! You will create scrumptious liquids and experience fantastic benefits. Add ice or lemon, limes etc. if you like. For greater ideas, take a look at out our recipes section.

What are the advantages of your drops vs the low cost ones bought in small squeeze bottles in the supermarkets?

Our wellbeing merchandise are extra than simply flavored water and incorporate useful advantages from the best possible pleasant ingredients. They do no longer incorporate synthetic elements and most supply wholesome antioxidants and different useful ingredients.

Pure Inventions merchandise had been developed by way of nutritionists to grant well-being advantages except sugar, synthetic sweeteners, dyes, chemical substances or caffeine. Each product undergoes rigorous trying out to guarantee the fantastic fantastic product.
How do I examine the price of your drops vs the prepared to drink merchandise such as Bai, Vita Coco etc?

Our merchandise are served in an eco-friendly bottle that yields 30-60 beverages. The common price per 16-20oz serving is between $0.50 -$0.70 cents.

Comparatively, most prepared to drink drinks are 3-5 instances greater per fee serving.

Importantly, you can make your beverage as you like; daring or light, glowing or nonetheless water and warm or cold. Fruit or no fruit. Have fun! You are your personal mixologist!