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Your Beat, Your Story
Music is the normal language that connects us throughout the globe.

At BeatStars we try to encourage track collaboration between the humans writing the songs and the human beings composing the music. Bringing artists from all over the world collectively to without a doubt discover their full doable as track makers.

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BeatStars was created for you; the writer, the performer, the beat maker, the producer, the engineer, the report label, the publisher, the videographer, the artist and the CREATOR. BeatStars used to be constructed for the character telling their story with song and to discover like-minded human beings to journey it with. Music is the regular language that connects us throughout the globe. Music brings out our human feelings and song is the unified voice of the people.

Everything you want to promote beats & join with artists

It’s who you know…
Now, you understand us.

Our song group is devoted to discovering you possibilities to work with rising and set up artists. So you can take benefit of industry-grade possibilities like Remix Challenges, Beat Submissions, Songwriting Camps, and MORE!

BeatStars has over three million registered customers from over a hundred special international locations and territories. From producers, to artists, to sound designers, to songwriters, to engineer.

We attempt to encourage tune collaboration, carry creators collectively from all over the world collectively to certainly explore their full viable as musicians and track makers.

our mission
A producer singing in a accoustic room.
Disrupt the Music Industry

This is what BeatStars used to be headquartered for – to proceed to make the tune enterprise on hand and open to all creatives; to put the cash and strength returned in the palms of the creators.
Two producers singing together.
Support Creators

We are nothing barring our community, and it’s necessary to take into account that at the forefront of the whole thing we do, we are questioning about the character human beings we will influence round the world.
A producer paying interest to what he is growing on the computer.
Deliver Quality Products

BeatStars gives a quantity of merchandise and services, consisting of our Marketplace, the Pro Page, Publishing, Distribution and so a lot more. We try to proceed being a chief in each the track and science industries.
Two producers with palms round every other
Be our Best Selves

We can’t do our pleasant work barring being our excellent selves: each non-public and professional. It’s vital that we proceed to remain on pinnacle of, as properly as better, our expert skills, intellectual health, and so plenty extra that makes us who we are.

Frequently Asked Questions
What form of tune can I sell?
You can promote songs, singles, albums, EP’s and you can additionally promote manufacturing music licenses for beats, beats with choruses, vocals, and full pinnacle lines.

Do I have to promote my music? Can I simply host it for stream?
You do now not have to promote song on BeatStars. You can actually add your song simply for web hosting functions and circulation it global throughout all devices.

Can I provide away song for free?
Absolutely, you can permit limitless free downloads for any song you specify.

How do I get paid from my tune sales?
When anybody purchases your song on the client is directed to make the transaction by way of your private or commercial enterprise PayPal account. Once the transaction is processed the cash exhibit up at once in your PayPal account.

Does BeatStars take a share of my tune sales?
All retailers on BeatStars maintain one hundred percent of their track sales.

Do I have to commit to a long-term membership?
No, yo can trade your membership or cancel at any time.

Can I add my giant song stems?
Yes, you can add your music stems in a compressed ZIP file.

Do you supply me records on who bought or downloaded my music?
Yes, Pro and Unlimited individuals have report of all patron e-mail addresses from purchases and downloads in their My Media reviews dashboard.