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Pheromone Attractants: Our pantry moth lure makes use of pheromone attractants to efficiently lure and seize male Indianmeal Moths, Flour Moths, Grain Moths, and Seed Moths, disrupting their mating cycle and decreasing infestations.
Easy to Use: Just peel off the shielding film, fold it into a triangle, and role it in your pantry or kitchen—no tricky setup needed.

Safe and Natural: Made from non-toxic ingredients, our entice is secure for your household and pets whilst successfully trapping pantry moths (Not for Clothes Moths).
Long-Lasting: Each lure comes with for my part sealed emulsion luggage that are water-proof and air-isolated, making sure their durability. Contact us if you stumble upon any defects.
Odorless Protection: Our lure is protected and odorless, safeguarding your kitchen pantry or storage cabinets.

Amazon Pantry Moth Trap Clearance 50% off

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Pantry Moth Traps

Eliminating meals moths is integral to guard your saved meals materials from illness and spoilage. These moths can infest and render your pantry objects inedible, main to meals wastage. Their larvae and excrement can introduce detrimental bacteria, posing fitness risks. Keep all the meals in cans and organizers, and set up the moth traps well timed in your kitchen pantry. Keep meals storage safe.
Step 1

Throw out the infested food, hold all meals in sealed containers.
Step 2

Set up the traps at the locations that moths used to gather.
Step 3

Keep monitoring for a few days and wait till the moths are cleared.
Step 4

Vacuum the areas and take away the odors.
Safe Materials

Made from non-toxic ingredients
Anywhere in Kitchen

Easy for youngsters to recognize
Anywhere on pantry shelves

Keep meals in cans and traps on shelves
Pack of 12

Individually packed, for longer lasting